Internet Dating

I’ve been on and off internet dating sites at various times since becoming single. At the moment I have profiles on two “straight” sites. Recently, using a free introductory one month subscription, i put a profile up on one of the more risque sites just for fun. You learn the profile lingo pretty quick. ONS is one night stand; FBB is friend with benefits; FB is fuck buddy, etc. But one that hasn’t been arcronymised but appears often on women’s profiles is “no dick pics”. Apparently some men, being the mindless narcissistic creatures they can be, think it’s a good idea to include a picture of their penis when they contact a woman of interest. So women stipulate No Dick Pic.

So just for fun, I sent one such woman a picture of my pelvic region with the note “I have attached a no dick pic, as requested”

I haven’t heard back from her 😊

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