The New Normal

Normal is a relative term. I think that means its something that applies to your relatives.

It has been six months since I posted on this blog and on reflection that’s a good thing because it means that its contents and purpose have not been foremost in my mind.

I have been using a couple of internet dating sites to try my luck at finding  someone to share with that is comfortable with my normal.  This blog has been useful in that regard.  Invariably at some point I refer people (women …. don’t forget I’m a lesbian) to it.  It is a comfortable way of broaching and/or explaining the subject.  If it freaks them out, I don’t hear from them again.  There is a trick to this though, mention it to early and I have successfully and falsely sexualised my motives.  Let the conversation run a while until we know we are hitting it off and then “oh by the way when I said I was fit I forgot to mention that I’ve had my dick cut off” and risk the impression that I have been misleading.  If I figure out an answer for this dilemma I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I just play it by ear.

But recently, someone read the blog at my suggestion and freaked because they concluded I was going to die sometime soon.  When I revisited the blog I discovered that things had become so “normal” that I had forgotten to tell my readers.  My honest apologies for that.  Those closest to me know the situation of course but not new visitors or casual followers.

I am not going to bother with dates because it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that the best medical conclusions following more tests and more pathology is that The Scarlet Pimpernel is know more.  Remember him? that was my alias (I cant spell pseudonym) for the cancer that was not my prostate cancer but something else unidentified that was pumping malignant cells into my wee.  Well it seems that I either got a false positive on my first post op pathology or there were some slow coaches that had not yet left the building.  The pathology is now clear but will be monitored quarterly with my routine PSA tests to see how the prostate cancer is getting on.  On that score, the PC is so small and so slow developing, prognosis is that it had better hurry up if it wants to get me before old age does.

Next routine tests are due about now but I have to wait for my urologist to get back from holidays because Lexie, my dog, ate my pathology referral so I need a new one.

Cheers and happy new year, Nilwilly


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