It’s not all beer and skittles

I have found, since Un D day, some little changes in my personality. Firstly, I have become an unabashed flirt. It’s fun but I need to be careful as the flirtee may not necessarily know how harmless it is 😊

Secondly, I have never been one that suffers fools gladly. But I have previously been able to just brush it off. But not so much any more.

My alter ego posted this on Facebook today and on reflection, I thought I should share it here.

My incompetence and stupidity tolerance is way down. I get upset about little annoyances, which makes me angry and sarcastic. This projects me as a grumpy old man.
Like today. I have been trying to organise an appointment with a urologist in B near my new hometown, to whom I have been referred by my urologist in W, near my old home town. I know this referral was done. I was sitting in WU’s office when he phoned and spoke to, then dictated a referral letter to BU.
Two weeks ago when I phone BU because I’ve heard nothing, I am told he needs the case notes. Well obviously, but I’m surprised they weren’t sent with the referral. But I phone WU and ask for them to be sent (or re-sent).
As of today, I’ve heard nothing so I’m on the phone again. BU’s office say they haven’t received anything. WU’s office say they will send it again today. That will be the third time by mail AND fax.
So I ring BU’s office again and get an answering machine. I leave a message asking if they would PLEASE phone WU’s office and sort this out.
Was I wrong to include the parting words along the lines of “this is very frustrating, it’s a good thing I don’t have cancer or something?”

1 thought on “It’s not all beer and skittles

  1. yes but I am on the horns of a dilemma with this one Kt. All the reception staff I have encountered are women and most of not all were nurses. I love nurses and I’m pretty keen on women as well so I have to stay on their good side so I can flirt with them 🙂


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