On morality and values

Anyone that has mucked around with internet dating sites will at some point be invited to join one of those other dating sites.  Known generically as hookup sites but designed primarily to siphon credit card details and money from those (men mostly) that are thinking with the wrong end.  Profile pictures on these sites would not have been allowed in Playboy when I was a teenager (I know, I cherished my first Playboy edition with a full frontal centrefold … until my Dad nicked it and took it to work).  It is also where the term “dick pics” originated.

Notwithstanding the soft porn nature of the images on these profiles, the operators say that all images are vetted and approved before being posted.  So, I wondered how the administrators would deal with Nilwilly’s profile.  I registered with minimum information and included my pre-operation dick pic which can be seen elsewhere in this blog.  No probs, within half an hour the pic and been approved and published. So, I added the post-op pic, also on this blog.  Guess what.  It was rejected as inappropriate.  There is a point to this observation which I intend to explore further and in much more detail.  Its about society attitudes and perceptions.  For now, how come it is not ok for me to show I have no dick but would be perfectly fine, indeed welcomed if I flashed one.

Don’t waste your time looking for the profile.  I deleted it immediately they deleted my no-dick-pick



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