I bought a bike

of the treadally pedally kind. My argument was that as it is relatively flat down here in paradise on the coast. Oh, did I forget to say I have moved me to Broulee on the New South Wales (Oz) South Coast.

Anyway, my bike. It’s a basic mountain bikey thing. I think it has 18 gears but I’m just learning with the middle six. It also has front fork suspension which I have already discovered is eff all use to my boy fanny. My new mate, Rob the bike bloke says we can experiment with different seats to find one that the BF considers acceptable.

Rode to the coffee shop this morning and discovered I might have to take him up on that offer. I also discovered that “flat” is a relative term and that fat is not a typo of fit

1 thought on “I bought a bike

  1. I’ve thought about it Kt. Might be just the fashion accessory I need to go with my bandanas, ear ring, ever lengthening hair. No tatt but I never say never. Seriously though, as I said to a friend only a day or two ago, this whole shamozzle has liberated me in a whole range of ways. I no longer feel constrained by anything other than my own values. I had an email discussion with sexologist Kym about this the other day and I will write it into a blog entry soon


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