Time Flies

Wow, look at that. Last post with any content was the 18th March and now its April.  So How do I approach this?  This is the problem of doing a blog when one isn’t an obsessive blogger.  So, it will just have to spill out as I think of things and be as scrambled as my brain.

I guess I’ll just have to start with the now and then fill in the gaps.  It is one month today since my De Willy day. so without any further ado ladies and gentlemen, may I present you with the first official photograph of Nilwilly (autographed copies available on request for a small phenomenal fee)


For a bit of interpretation:

  • My scrotum has been hoisted up to form the flap to cover the surgical site;
  • The vertical scar at the top goes up to my belly button. Lymph nodes were accessed and removed through this incision;
  • The bunched up bits you can see at the top of the scrotum are just that, bit of sloppy seamstressing.  My mum would have been horrified at the quality of this handiwork but I guess the team had a few more important things on their mind, like my life.  Anyway they are effectively fat bubbles and will go away in time;
  • Just peeping from behind my balls (yes they are still in there) you can see the site of the Perineal Urethrostomy aka my new plumbing construction.  I have learned that medicine has a name for everything but this one it missed.  It is referred to as a Perineal Urethrostomy which is like calling a reconstructed nose a rhinoplasty.  My urologist’s nurse and I discussed this earth shattering dilemma while she was plucking out stitches.  We weren’t able to come up with a beaut Latin name for it but for day to day use, it is henceforth my boy fanny.
  • Note also that my scrotum is doing what it is supposed to do.  It is keeping everything tucked close to protect it from (further) trauma.  It will relax in time when it is sure that the surgeon and his knife are not coming back

Coming soon:  Is It Fixed? and Did It Hurt ?  stay tuned

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