Marks Out Of Ten

I’m home but its pretty clear the rocky road has many miles in it yet. The op was a sucess. We need follow up tests to confirm, and long term monitoring, but the best guess is that all the (uthereal) cancer went into the furnace with willy.

You know that annoying practice medicos use, asking you to score your pain out of ten. Well, if I was to apply the same scoring technique to experience of the procedure as a whole, i would rate the past week as an eight. Pain alone started up there around 8-9. I was cruising by the time I checked out but with the travel and disruption I soon had it up near the ton again


1. Penis: nil

2. Testicles: two, thoughtfully repositioned so the scrotum ( one, black) could be used as a skin flap over the dickectomy gal

3. Urethera: one by new extension attached to bladder end of old, one and exiting through a newly created gap in the perinieum.

4. Me, in the words if my old mate Willy Nelson

It’s been rough and rocky travelin’
But I’m finally standing upright on the ground
After takin’ several readings I’m surprised
To find my mind’s still fairly sound

Photos soon

Cheers, Nilwilly

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