Travellin light

I was cruising along getting organised for hospital and D day (or perhaps un-D day), until this afternoon I received a phone call at 4.30 pm from the hospital confirming my admission at 6.30 am tomorrow. Not a problem except I had it down for the day after. So, an hour later, I’m in the car for a two hour drive to the hospital.

This is a good thing. I am wired to react, not sit and wait. So I am actually pleased that I am now in the lovely cancer assist accommodation for a snooze then an early morning stroll down the road to the hospital. Maureen and her sister will be support team and drive over tomorrow. So I can go to the hospital with nothing but what I’m standing in and then see them and my stuff on the other side. My son and his wife have both taken time off work and are going to drive down. I don’t know how I will be feeling but it will be all the better to have them there hopefully when we get the big reveal about whats gone, whats not, and what’s next

Life’s good

Cheers Nilwilly

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