Amature Psychology

From an early age, i have been a curious bloke with the question “how does that work?” never far from my thoughts.  In more recent years that curiosity leads me at some pount every day to a question about how do I work and my present adventure is very fertile ground on both a physical and a psychological level.

In dealing with the pending penectomy and its relationship with my self image, I posed myself the question “how would I feel if it was a finger amputation?”. This put the whole matter in a better, more healthy, less psycho traumatic context.  The inclusion of a picture of said penis in this blog is a product of that thought process and it has worked for me.  It has helped to change my attitude by disassociating me from it.  Makes the whole idea more about mending something, rather than destroying something. And besides, how can I have a before and after without having a before?

Cheers, Nilwilly

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