Over the past 12 months I have undergone a raft of tests and procedures intended to dsantaiscover the source of malignant cells that have repeatedly shown up in urine tests. The most recent round of these procedures commenced on 9th Jan 2018 and again it revealed nothing. But i had also brought the existence of a series of small lumps in my penis to my urologists attention. Subsequent tests, including an open biopsy of my poor embattled willy (cutting the shaft to access the lumps) and truss biopsies of my prostate finally revealed the culprits. I have low grade prostate cancer, first spotted a few years ago but elusive until now. That’s no big deal, it’s very small and a slow grower at my age (68). But I also have urethral squamous cell carcinoma in the shaft of my penis. This is apparently very rare, which explains why it had not been spotted earlier. They simply didnt look for it. In fact, when the lesions were sampled during the open biopsy, all money was on them being either a benign mass or secondaries of the prostate cancer. But it is neither. It is malignant cancer and an entirely different animal to the prostate one. So lucky me, I have two separate cancers

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